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Facebook indexing Google

Facebook has long remained as a closed network and to a large extent, it has been working for its users who value privacy, the walled garden approach and to a degree the quality of the network they form. Facebook has also been making some information that is viewable by everyone more open especially with the onslaught of Twitter which is a much more open network.

Facebook login proxy
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Facebook traffic has been largely organic due to the return users coming back for status update, the real time stream and connecting with friends. However, it is missing a large source of traffic from SEO by keeping its network closed. By allowing its information to be more accessible by Google indexing it, it has more chance of using its existing data to convert it to more traffic. Yes, even Facebook needs more traffic.

So, it is not surprising that Facebook is open for indexing by Google. At the heart of it all is the fact that Facebook will automatically index all your info on Google. To check that it is important to go to your Facebook account and login to Facebook and then go to Settings. Under settings, click on Privacy Settings->Search. You will then see "Public Search Results" and if you havent change anything, the "Allow Indexing" checkbox will be checked. If you do not want your information index by Google, then uncheck the "Allow indexing" box.It is unclear if any of this is also related to the intergration of real time stream into Google. Already, Twitter streams are appearing in Google results and it is a matter of time that Facebook status updates and streams will too hopefully in a way that respects users' privacy.

However, it is important to know what kind of information is being indexed. The fact is that Facebook has created public search listings since 2007 and so it is unclear if there is anything different from what they are doing or will be doing recently. However, the walled garden approach has resulted in a higher quality network on Facebook and we do not think that Facebook will betray the user trust to do anything that will jeopardize it. So, we do not think that private information will end up getting indexed and shown on Google's search results. Otherwise, it will create a big uproar in the Facebook community.

Facebook phishing scams

Facebook is a large enough site that it is worthwhile for phishers to target users on this site. Facebook phishing website looks almost idential to Facebook real website. Bulk emails are sent out in order to trap unsuspected users to believe enough to login to the fake Faceboook websites. The phishing site traps the unsuspected user into disclosing their user name and password which is then used to extract other personal information from the user.

Other Facebook phising scams includes tricking the user to download Trojan and are more insidious. Recently, there are millions of emails being sent out to trick users to click on a link which then takes them to a site to update their account. In addition to being tricked to disclose their username and password, they are then brought to a page where the user is prompted to download an update tool which then installs the Zeus trojan.

The best thing to do if you think there is trouble with your account is to go directly to Facebook website itself by typing the url address directly in your browser window and go on from then. So, don't click on any purported Facebook link from any email if you suspect that the originator is not Facebook itself.

The many faces of Facebook Login

There are multiple ways to login to Facebook and access this wildly popular social network.

Login through the standard website or homepage.
1. Go to Facebook
2. On the top right corner, you can enter your user name and password. You may want to click on "Remember Me"  so that your session does not expire.
3. If you forgot your password, you can click on the "Forgot Password" link in the top right corner.

Sometimes, if you log in from another computer, Facebook will authenticate you by asking you a security question. If you do not remember it, do not despair as they have an option to email you the user name and password.

Facebook Lite Login
1. If you want a less heavy weight version of Facebook, you can go to Facebook Lite
2. Once you login to Facebook Lite, you can see the following message:

"Facebook Lite is a faster, simpler way to keep in touch with your friends. If you like it, you may choose to use it instead of the regular Facebook. We still have work to do before it's done, but we'd love to get your feedback on what we've built so far."

Apparently, Facebook is still working on the lite version and eventually this message should go away.

Facebook Mobile Login

Facebook Mobile is designed for the mobile user and for the mobile web browser where the form factor may not be suitable for browsing a full site.

You can login to Facebook Mobile via Facebook Mobile All the complicated CSS styles and formats are removed and Facebook Mobile viewed through a normal web browser will look like a 1st generation type of website.

Facebook iPhone Login
You can download Facebook for iPhone. There is a download application button and once you click on it, you will be directed to the iTunes software. Alternatively, you can go to the Apps Store on iPhone and download Facebook App there.

Facebook Login is also supported in 50+ different languages
Facebook also supports different languages. You can go to the bottom left of the screen where you will see the language name you are currently in. Just click on it and there will be a box with all the different languages that will allow you to switch to. Some of the supported languages on Facebook include Afrikaans, Deutsch, English, Filipino, Nederlands, 日本語, 中文. There are different urls as well for Facebook Login in different countries.

To customize your Facebook pages, you should read Facebook Layouts

Facebook is Cash Flow positive

Facebook has raised about 9 rounds of financing depending on you see it. Its initial investment was $500,000 from Peter Theil- co founder of Paypal and Reid Hoffman. In about 8 months time, it received its formal series A investment from Accel partners for about $13M.  Series B of $27.5M was done a year later with Greylock partners and a number of other firms. Wonder where some of the other top firms were at that time? Sequoia and Kleiner? Did they turn down investment in the company? A year and a half later, Facebook raised a huge round of $240M from Microsoft at a valuation of close to $6B. Even as it continue to lose money, investors continue to pour money into the company with a total amount raised at $716M.

On Sep 15, 2009, Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was cash flow positive which is a huge deal. Estimates is that Facebook will do about $500+M in revenue through a combination of self service ads, brand ads, virtual goods and the $150M deal with Microsoft. It is hard to tell how cash flow positive is the company, but if it can mantain consecutive quarters of cash flow growth, then it would not need to dig into investor's money for funding anymore. After all, serving 300M people is a huge deal as it is almost as large as the population of US itself. At 300M strong, Facebook would be the 5th largest country in the world right after USA and before Indonesia

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